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hospitality business?

We'd like to introduce to you the unique opportunity to become a part of Diners Circle, a platform that's all about celebrating the love of food and hospitality.

What our Partner Program is all about

Building a Strong Hospitality Network: Our vision is to create a strong hospitality network where businesses thrive, members enjoy exclusive discounts, and the culinary scene flourishes. Partnering with us means your business gets exposure to a diverse, food obsessed audience.

Foot Traffic Boost: We understand the importance of foot traffic for restaurants and increased online sales for retailers. For every valid receipt uploaded from our verified partners, our members earn additional entries into our exciting giveaways. This unique incentive encourages members to dine at partner restaurants and shop with partner retailers, providing a direct and tangible boost to your foot traffic and online sales.

Showcasing Talent and Increasing Awareness: Diners Circle is not just a platform; it's a stage to showcase emerging chefs and venues. By becoming a partner, your venue gains visibility and recognition among our members. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, where your success is intertwined with the success of our community.

Holistic Approach to Success: Our approach is comprehensive, ensuring that everyone comes out on top. Our members enjoy exclusive discounts, while restaurants and retailers experience heightened business, and emerging talents gain a platform to shine. Moreover, a portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting charitable organisations such as OzHarvest and Foodbank, it's a win-win-win-win.

We would love to discuss how our partnership can benefit your business specifically. Get in touch on the form below.

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Members get access to exclusive deals and free entries to giveaways when shopping with our brand partners

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